On November 5, 2013, voters of Granbury ISD approved a $84.975,000 bond election to address improvements to existing campuses and infrastructure, provides technology for students and teachers, creates facility equity across the district, increases security and provides space for future growth.

November 2013 Bond Program

similar renovation projects

Proposition One: $81,972,000

Proposition Two: $3,003,000

Major Renovations and Additions to Granbury High School: $62,295,000

•  Create a complete high school campus for Grades 9-12 by building a Ninth Grade classroom addition

•  Construct new classrooms for career- and technical-focused (vocational) programs such as Health Science, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Automotive Technology, Audio/Visual Production, Welding, and Technology courses to prepare students for careers, higher education and industry recognized certifications.

•  Renovate and expand existing fine arts spaces to accommodate growing programs and the addition of Ninth Grade students to the campus

•  Reconfigure internal classroom layout for educational and operational efficiency

•  Extensive renovations to transform the building’s interior and exterior


Safety and Security Upgrades: $4,338,000

  Create controlled entrances on all GISD campuses

  Construct attached gymnasiums at Acton and Emma Roberson Elementary Schools to replace freestanding gyms, create a more secure campus and make equitable to all GISD elementary schools


Technology Upgrades: $10,800,000

District-wide investments to support a 1 to 1 student technology initiative, with the ability to grow with increased student needs and educational standards:

  New standardized technology for every GlSD classroom, including interactive and mobile learning devices

  District-wide wireless internet capability enhancements

  District network operations improvements


Other District-Wide Improvements and Investments: $4,539,000

  Classroom furniture, bus and band equipment replacement

  Repurpose of Crossland Ninth Grade Center for Central Administration which will provide for more efficient operations and energy savings by putting all administrative operations in one building


Click on the thumbnail to view examples of major renovation projects similar to the proposed scope for GHS.

Refunding Existing Debt for Energy Efficiency Projects

  Refunding of existing Maintenance Tax Notes used to fund recent energy efficiency upgrades related to HVAC, lighting and water controls during the Spring and Summer of 2013

  Bond funding will allow the payment of these notes with Interest & Sinking taxes as opposed to the general operating fund (M&O taxes). Because GISD is a Chapter 41 district, approximately 20 percent of every M&O tax dollar collected is sent to the State in the form of recapture. For I&S tax dollars, 100% of the money stays in GISD.

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